Discovering Fun and Learning at ImagineU Children's Museum in Visalia, CA

Do you want your children to learn and have fun at the same time? Visit ImagineU Children's Museum in Visalia, CA! It is a non-profit and hands-on museum where children can explore, imagine, and discover new things about science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

History of ImagineU Children's Museum

ImagineU Children's Museum started as a dream of a group of passionate parents in Visalia, CA. Founded in 2004, the museum officially opened in 2008, after years of efforts and donations from the community. Its aim is to promote early childhood education and development through interactive exhibits and programs. The museum is now a beloved attraction for families and school groups in the Central Valley.

Exhibits and Activities

ImagineU Children's Museum has numerous STEAM exhibits that cater to various ages and interests. For example:

In addition to the exhibits, ImagineU offers educational programs, camps, and special events for children throughout the year. The museum has a team of educators who facilitate hands-on learning experiences that align with California State Standards.

According to Executive Director Susana De Anda, \"ImagineU Children's Museum is the ultimate destination for families looking for an educational, fun, and interactive experience. We strive to provide all children from the Central Valley a world-class educational experience.\"

Impact on the Community

ImagineU Children's Museum has been a significant contributor to the community of Visalia and the surrounding areas. Not only does it serve as a fun and safe destination for families, but it also supports the local economy and promotes education.

The museum has had over 140,000 visitors since its opening, with many returning for multiple visits. The majority of visitors come from Tulare County, and about 80% are children under the age of 12. ImagineU also partners with local schools and organizations to provide educational opportunities and scholarships for field trips.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

As with many entertainment venues, ImagineU Children's Museum has had to adjust its operations due to COVID-19. The museum has implemented several safety protocols, including:

  • Mandatory mask-wearing for visitors over the age of 2
  • Limited capacity and timed ticketing
  • Sanitization of exhibits and high-contact areas
  • Temperature checks for staff and visitors
  • Social distancing reminders and markers
  • In-person programs and events have been limited, but ImagineU has adjusted by offering virtual educational workshops and art classes.

    Visit ImagineU Children's Museum in Visalia, CA

    ImagineU Children's Museum is a hidden gem in Visalia, CA, that offers a fun and educational experience for children. Its exhibits, programs, and events cater to various ages and interests and align with California State Standards. The museum's impact on the community is significant, and its efforts to address COVID-19 safety protocols are commendable.

    If you're looking for a family-friendly activity in Visalia, CA, make sure to include ImagineU Children's Museum on your list. It's a destination that promises to ignite your child's imagination and love for learning.

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