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Visalia Workers' Compensation Attorney

Have you been injured in an accident at work, or have you sustained any type of work-related injury? A Visalia workers' compensation attorney at our law offices may be able to assist you. We represent injured workers throughout Visalia and the surrounding areas in the San Joaquin Valley and can offer you the legal guidance that you need to properly file your workers' comp claim and seek the benefits you need.

In California, all employers with one or more employee are required to provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees, with rare exception. This is most often provided by a workers' compensation insurance company, although in some cases an employer may be secure enough to self-insure. When any employee is injured in the course of his or her employment, that employee will be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits for his or her injury. These benefits will be paid by the insurance company and will typically cover medical care and a percentage of the worker's earnings while he or she is unable to return to work.

To learn more about how workers' compensation benefits may affect you and your work injury, contact a Visalia workers' comp lawyer at our offices. Your initial case review is free and strictly confidential, and this will be your opportunity to learn more about your rights as an injured worker and what can be done to address this matter.

About Visalia Workers' Compensation Benefits

An employee in Visalia may be entitled to workers' comp benefits in various different situations. As long as an injury is work-related, it is not necessary for the employee to prove that someone else caused the injury in order to seek benefits. Any accident that occurs at the workplace or that occurs in the course of the worker's employment may qualify, as well as any injury or illness caused by exposure to a hazardous condition or other situation at work. For example, an employee in a manufacturing facility may be exposed to a toxin that causes injury. A worker in an industrial plant may be exposed to constant loud noise, leading to hearing loss. In either of these and any related situation, the injured worker may be able to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Types of Benefits Available
An injured worker may be entitled to specific benefits after a work-related injury or illness. First and foremost, the injured worker may be entitled to medical benefits. This may include money for any and all medical treatment, hospitalization, doctor appointments, medication, medical supplies and even mileage to and from medical appointments. The worker may also be entitled to disability benefits, which will cover a certain percentage of lost earnings while the worker is temporarily or permanently injured. If the worker is unable to return to the same field to make a living, job displacement benefits may be provided to help the worker train or enhance his or her skills to therefore find another job. Workers' compensation benefits may also cover funeral costs and lost wages paid to the family of a worker who lost his or her life in a work accident or due to any type of work-related injury. Interested in finding out more about what benefits may apply in your case? Call an attorney today, or click here to read more about workers' compensation benefits.

Hiring a Workers' Comp Lawyer in Visalia, California

If you would like to ensure your claim is properly filed and your rights represented after a work accident or injury in Visalia, do not wait to consult a lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group. We offer our legal services for workers' compensation claims at no out of pocket expense to our clients and will be happy to discuss your options during your free consultation.

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